Grosvenor Mountains - Otway Massif

The Otway Massif is the largest nunatak in the Grosvenor Mountains and is situated at the juncture of the Mill Glacier and the Mill Stream Glacier, both large tributaries of the Beardmore Glacier (GRO-Figure 1- 85 KB JPEG). Apparently stranded or slow moving local ice is exposed along the southwest flank of the Otway Massif as ice of the Mill Glacier sweeps by to the west. Bare ice is also present on the Burgess Glacier, a narrow tongue of ice cutting northward through the nunatak, as well as on the Mill Stream Glacier. GRO63-Figure 1 (76 KB JPEG) is an oblique air photo looking southwest from over the Otway Massif. GRO63-Figure 2 (41 KB JPEG) is an air photo mosaic of the Otway Massif icefield.

A brief reconnoiter of some of the bare ice areas around the Otway Massif during the 1985-1986 season produced three widely separated meteorite specimens. One specimen was noted as belonging to a meteorite strewn field of at least 20 specimens. These were left for future search efforts. Additional searches were undertaken during the 2003-2004 season. A total of 84 fragments of this L5 chondrite strewn field were found in a linear pattern extending 1.7 kilometers westward from the largest fragment. Several specimens of this strewnfield were misclassified. Based upon field relationships and distinctive appearance, a few other specimens classified as something other than a L5 chondrite are probably members of this group. An additional 10 specimens, unrelated to the strewn field, were found widely scattered over the icefield. Many terrestrial rocks on the ice surface made for very difficult searching.

GRO63-Figure 3 (71 KB JPEG) is an enlarged portion of the area from the U.S.G.S 1:250000 scale Plunket Point quadrangle showing the approximate locations of the meteorites recovered in the 1985-1986 season from the Otway Massif.

GRO63-Table 1 is a tabulation of meteorite types from the Otway Massif.

Acknowledgments; ANSMET field party members during the 1985-1986 season were William Cassidy, Peter Englert, Twyla Thomas, and Carl Thompson. The 2003-2004 ANSMET team consisted of Gretchen Benidix, Chris Cokinos, Erika Eschholz, Monika Kress, and John Schutt.

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