Gerald Matisoff

Gerald Matisoff, Professor and Chair


Sedimentary and Environmental Geochemistry

Ralph P. Harvey

Ralph P. Harvey, Associate Professor


Planetary Geology

Steven A. Hauck, II

Steven A. Hauck, II, Associate Professor


Planetary Geodynamics

Zhicheng Jing

Zhicheng Jing, Assistant Professor


Mineral Physics

Peter L. McCall

Peter L. McCall, Professor


Director, Environmental Studies Program, Benthic Ecology, Paleoecology

Beverly Z. Saylor

Beverly Z. Saylor, Associate Professor


Sedimentary and Environmental Geology

James A. Van Orman

James A. Van Orman, Professor



Peter J. Whiting

Peter J. Whiting, Professor


Geomorphology, Surface Water Hydrology, Environmental Geology

Emeritus Faculty

Samuel M. Savin

Samuel M. Savin, Jesse Earl Hyde Professor Emeritus and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Emeritus



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